Logistics centers



SJL’s logistics know-how and expertise guarantees manufacturers optimized solutions that are perfectly adapted to their supply chain constraints. Our experts are at your disposal to study your project, understand your needs, analyze your resources and propose a customized, agile and efficient logistics solution.

Nos plateformes

  • Surface : 7 500 m² of warehouse class A
  • Location: Tangier Med port
  • Located in the port area with direct access for import and export flows
  • Customs regime: free zone regime
  • Height under truss : 11 m

  • Surface : 10 000 m2 including 6 000 m2 of class A
  • Location: TAC free zone
  • Direct access to Tanger Med Port (22 km) and Tanger Free Zone (20 km)
  • Close to 50 multinationals specialized in the production of automotive parts and to the Renault Tangier plant

  • Surface area: 1,900 sqm
  • Location: Tangier city
  • Customs regime: integration of different customs/economic regimes and distribution of goods to different industrial zones (free zone and duty paid territories)
  • Permanent customs agents on site
  • Height under truss: 7 m
  • Possibility of storage up to 45 days (working days)

  • EPP- TFZ
  • Location: Tangier city
  • Located at the entrance of the Tangier Free Zone (TFZ)
  • Customs regime: EPP, Export from warehouse to free zone, ATPA from economic regimes, transfer and entry into warehouse, EIF from EPP, export from EPP
  • Permanent customs agents on site
  • Height under truss : 7 m
  • Possibility of storage up to 2 years

  • Surface: 4,000 m2 of class A warehouse
  • Location: Oiartzun, Basque Country
  • Customs regime: bonded warehouse under AEO regime
  • Platform for grouping and consolidation of suppliers
  • 48/72 hour connections with the main European industrial areas

  • Surface : 2 500 sqm of warehouse class A
  • Location : Tunis
  • Customs regime : bonded warehouse
  • Permanent customs agents on site

6 logistics activity centers:

  • Tangier Med 1 and Tangier Med 2 (Morocco)
  • Tangier Automotive city (Morocco)
  • EPP (Morocco)
  • MEAD (Morocco)
  • Tunis- TunisiaOiartzun- Spain
  • +33 100 sqm of space for logistics activities

Bonded warehouses and platforms in free trade and industrial zones

  • Our bonded warehouses are designed to guarantee the storage of your imported goods under a specific customs regime, under cover of a customs declaration, in complete security and for an unlimited period
  • Free zone platforms dedicated to value-added logistics activities near the Tangier Med port and the industrial zones of the northern region of Morocco, allowing for fast and efficient distribution to a market of nearly 1 billion consumers.

Des plateformes conçues pour supporter les opérations de cross-docking

  • Our platforms are designed to optimize your logistics flows and make your supply chain more flexible. Cross-docking activities allow you to accelerate your deliveries and reduce your operating and storage costs.