Exceptional transport


Customized and secure special transport solutions

The requirements of special transport are in the hands of an expert. SJL offers you customized solutions to transport your oversized goods in optimal conditions of safety and reliability in several European countries.


Transport spécial dans plusieurs pays de l’Europe

 SJL has special traffic permits to transport your goods in several European countries:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany

Exceptional dimensions and sizeable resources

Whatever your constraints and the exceptional dimensions of your goods, we have the necessary resources to ensure safe transportation, in compliance with special traffic permits and in the shortest possible delivery time. Our fleet is composed of extendable, low loaders, flatbeds and super dolly trailers to meet all your needs.


Resources adapted to guarantee optimal security

Special transport requires a very high level of attention and security. One of the necessary conditions for the organization of each special transport operation is to ensure that the resources at your disposal are fully secured and equipped with the necessary tools to load and unload your goods safely. Our tractors are equipped with electric and hydraulic hoses to pull special trailers, warning lights for urgent warning and road safety, chains to secure and hold goods and other safety tools.


Special traffic permits and authorizations to ensure your exceptional transport

Transporting oversized goods with exceptional dimensions and unusual characteristics requires special traffic permits. At SJL, we have the special permits to transport your goods with confidence, safety and legality whatever the length, height or width. We also offer escort solutions if necessary, for certain types of goods. 

You are an industrialist and wish to transport your goods outside of the gauge?

SJL has a unique expertise in exceptional transport. We serve the aerospace, aeronautics, machine tool and construction industries… Do you have a need?