SJL Group

The SJL Group, leader and key player in the transport and logistics sector between Europe and Africa, contributes to the development of international trade between the two shores of the Mediterranean. In a more globalized world, participating in the development of economic exchanges in a more balanced, responsible and sustainable way is our main vocation.


Our mission:

Accompanying our customers in transporting their goods, solving their logistics challenges and transitioning their freight safely, reliably and efficiently between Europe and Africa is our main mission.
Designing intelligent and innovative solutions in line with the new challenges of your markets, the evolution of your needs and the growth of your business, is an expertise that we have been cultivating for 73 years at SJL.

A recognized expertise and an international know-how

With more than 73 years of experience linking the markets of Europe and Africa, SJL has become a key player in the freight forwarding and logistics sector. Our undeniable know-how and our recognized expertise make us an ideal growth partner.
Over the years, we have developed efficient solutions for many of our customers, enabling them to optimize their costs, their efficiency and above all their competitiveness.

More competitive and sustainable supply chain solutions

With the economic and social upheavals that major industries are facing, and in the face of a changing environment that requires flexibility and adaptability, supply chain optimization is an important competitive lever. At SJL, our objective is to help you anticipate the evolution of your markets through more innovative and environmentally responsible transport, logistics and transit solutions. Environmental issues are part of our concerns and we work every day to provide solutions in line with our values and current ecological requirements.

New governance, a growth gas pedal

SJL’s governance is one of the major assets of its success. The group has been built around strong values that ensure its cohesion and guarantee its future and growth. The dynamic transformation initiated by the group has allowed the renewal of the general management, entirely composed of experts from major groups with international experience, who are committed to promoting and applying the best practices of governance and ethics. In a constant process of progress, the management of the SJL group determines the strategic orientations totally in line with the current and future stakes of our customers while taking care to boost the performance of our services.