History and highlights


History and highlights

SJL is the story of two Spanish families, San José and Lopez, who started the road transport business in Spain in 1948 and 1949 respectively. Very quickly, the two companies see their activities take off and grow rapidly outside the Spanish territory to cover other neighboring countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands. The success is such that in 1975 the companies decide to create representative offices throughout Europe. The story does not end there, because in 1986 San José decides to push the borders a little further: Africa and in particular its entry point, Morocco. In that same year, the activity was officially launched there via the company Tremsa, which would later become SJL Maghreb, and this was a strategic turning point that would reposition the future group as a leader and essential partner in commercial exchanges by road between Europe and Africa.

The two companies merged in 2002 and a growth plan was deployed, resulting in the creation and launch of logistics activities in Tangiers, Morocco. In 2005, SJL moved to the TFZ and for the first time offered customized transit solutions to its customers. SJL then continues its growth in the Maghreb, in Tunisia where it launches its activity in 2014.


Recognized experience and technical knowledge international

In 2017, the Lopez family sold its last holdings to investment funds that will continue the transformation of the group with a new international governance and continued investments in the Transport and Logistics activities, notably with the development and modernization of the fleet but also with a new logistics platform in the logistics industrial zone “Tangier Automotive City”.

In the continuity of this strategy and after having faced the global Covid-19 pandemic, SJL is leading in 2021 a new stage of its transformation, this time focused on the digitalization of its operational management tools and the deployment of its logistics activities. To affirm its history and identity linked to the development of transport and logistics solutions between Africa and Europe, the group is changing its signature to “Connecting Europe & Africa”.



Foundation of the company San josé


Foundation of the company Lopez


Création des bureaux de représentation au travers de l’Europe.


Move to Morocco, and creation of the company Tremsa


Merger of the two companies and creation of the SJL brand


SJL moves to the Tangier Free Zone


SJL launches its logistic activity in Tanger Med, being one of the first international companies to set up in Medhub


SJL launches its activity in Tunisia


In 2017 The Lopez family sells its remaining holdings to investment funds


Investment in a new logistics platform in the Tangier Automotive City industrial logistics