SJL offers you the means of transport most adapted to your time, cost and security requirements. Whatever the nature of your shipment, our team of highly qualified professionals is at your service to advise you and choose the most appropriate transportation plan. The test of optimum reactivity and safety is the traceability of each shipment that is monitored in real time until final delivery. Our computer system allows us to locate our vehicles at all times and be in permanent contact with our drivers.

Maritime Transit
  • Control of the regulations governing port services. The coordination of notifications and public consultations.
  • Cooperations with renowned operators in the promotion of maritime transport, effective and with safe practices.
  • Safe and sustainable parameters regarding maritime transport collaboration.
Air transit
  • Commercial relations with an important airline platform in order to meet the deadlines imposed by customers.
  • Cooperations with specialized agents for shipments by air couriers that offer charter transport under control.
  • Safe and sustainable parameters regarding air transport collaboration.

Customs transit

With a view to taking over global logistics services, SJL wishes to gather the essential elements of transit and customs clearance in the package it offers to its customers.

The objective is to prepare all the documents required in the customs declaration for the import and export of goods.

Thanks to a computerized, competent and secure service, SJL is responsible for administrative and commercial operations that allow the movement of goods in accordance with international regulations.

The purpose is to arrive in good condition, at your destination, on time and at the lowest possible cost, using different modes of land, air and sea transportation if necessary.

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