Our history

Posted by Joseba

The dog that appears in the SJL logo appeared from the company’s first trucks
San José, located in 1948, since all the company’s trucks were from
American manufacturer Mack, recognized worldwide for its quality vehicles.

As trucks of that brand were not seen across European roads that were not
were from San José, the image of the San José company was quickly identified as the
of the dog, due to the characteristic Mack logo that all tractors wore.

Thanks to that image acquired about the company, a project for each
one of the company’s workers, vote on the different options proposed and
We decided to put the dog that remains today, as a more modern and striking option.

There is a detail that can be observed in all trailers of the company, and that is that the
dog is always looking forward, a nod to values ​​and plans
strategic of the company, which always looks to the future.

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