Our logistics solutions

Through increasingly sophisticated logistics solutions, SJL helps industry leaders meet the most complex supply chain challenges and issues. Our logistics solutions are designed to meet your needs and requirements. Fully customizable and scalable, they aim to optimize your logistics flows, boost the efficiency of your production processes and improve the agility and flexibility of your supply chain.

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Solutions adapted to your changing needs

Over the years, SJL has developed customized logistics solutions for major industrial leaders in Morocco, Spain and Tunisia. Our in-depth knowledge of the business, the supply chain challenges and the ever-changing challenges have enabled us to design intelligent solutions, fully optimized to master very complex issues.

Recognized expertise

  • 33,100 m2 of space for logistics activities
  • 6 flagship activity centers in Morocco, Spain and Tunisia
  • Partner of the 1st exporter of Morocco
  • Cross-dock platforms and consolidation centers
  • Infrastructures and technologies to international standards
  • Bonded warehouses and platforms in free zones

Solutions to solve your problems

  • Do you want to optimize your inbound production logistics flows?
  • Are you experiencing complex inventory problems due to incorrect planning or inefficient management of your logistics space? Lack of visibility and control over the inbound flow of materials to production?
  • Limited continuous process improvements due to insufficient on-site logistics expertise?
  • Empty packaging taking up strategic manufacturing space?
  • Low productivity with production operators waiting for a set of components to complete their process?

Discover our customized solutions

High value-added logistics solutions tailored to the needs of each industry and each customer, in logistics flow consolidation, distribution center management, warehousing, in-house production logistics, inventory management and additional services.

Last mile consolidation Hub

Consolidate your upstream flows as close as possible to your production sites and supply your production lines directly in just-in-time with all the flexibility required by your customers. You optimize your transport from your suppliers and to your production sites and improve your factory productivity.

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Upstream value added services

Transfer your complex pre-assembly, kitting and component sequencing operations upstream of your factories in order to maximize your on-site productivity and, above all, to make your production tools more flexible in order to meet just-in-time customer demand.

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In-house production logistics

Your core business is production site management and flow planning. Use the skills of a logistics service provider within your factories to improve your performance and meet the challenges of your markets.

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