Skills & Actions :
Rational driving of the the vehicle (safety and energy savings)
Knowledge and observance of the highway code
Ability to drive different types of vehicles;
Sound technical and administrative organization;
Updating of transport and organization documents;
Compliance with deadlines and with the quality of goods;
Reading and following the most appropriate itinerary;
Basic knowledge of a foreign language (international deliveries)
Soft skills :
Adaptation abilities;
Continued attention ;
Sense of responsibility
Good physical condition;
Resistance to stress.
The truck driver generally works for a freight transport company.

The job is performed independently, and most of the time is spent driving a vehicle. However, contact with clients is quite frequent. Working hours are extremely varied (nights and WE) and the driver may have to travel far from home (sometimes abroad), for a more or less lengthy period, which has an impact on family life.

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