SJL awarded as Strategic Supplier 2017 by Faurecia.

In the last visit of Sergio Aguilar, Transport & Logistics Manager Europe of Faurecia to our facilities in Oiartzun, Gerardo Gómez (CEO Europe) and Jan Marc Degert (Operations Manager of SJL group) received a conmemorative plate that recognizes SJL as the 2017 Strategic Supplier for Faurecia.


SJL attends the general assembly of ECO-GATE

Representatives of 25 companies, including SJL, attended the ECO-gate general assembly, in which the innovative solutions were agreed to be implemented in the 21 gas stations that will be put into operation in Spain, France, Portugal and Germany.


Among the innovative solutions that the European Union finances with 10 million euros, technological and operational innovations stand out to carry out improvements in the natural infrastructures of liquefied gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), fuels and logistics services, which they are aimed at making the loading of vehicles more efficient and at reducing the operating costs of service stations. 


Likewise, real pilots will be carried out with advanced solutions for the transformation of vehicles to CNG and LNG, to improve their efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance. Additionally, Eco-Gate will develop a universal payment platform and will implement real pilots of the use of renewable gas (hydrogen and biomethane) in mobility.


On the other hand, Eco-Gate approved its new logo and visual identity, which plays with green and blue in reference to sustainable energy that represents the use of natural gas in mobility.


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SJL in the VI Gasnam Congress in Madrid

SJL, represented by its CEO Gerardo Gómez, is present in the VI Gasnam Congress in Madrid. This event, promoted by the Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility, encourages the use of natural gas in transport, and shows the latest novelties and developments in the use of the Natural Gas as a ECO solution (Ecologic and Economic)

SJL, as a company committed to innovation, is leading the use of CNG in Spain and is part of the European project ECOgate since the beginning with Gas Natural Fenosa and Repsol. This project aims to develop infrastructures along the Atlantic and Mediterranean corridors, to increase the use of Natural Gas as fuel for road transport.